Terms & Conditions


  1. The Client agrees to supply the correct quantity of advertising material to cover the selected areas.

  2. Pinpoint Advertising shall not be held liable for any inconsistency in bundle size and shall deliver the material in the same condition as received from the Client.

  3. Pinpoint Advertising agrees to notify the Client of any shortage in stock, inconsistency in bundle size, or any damaged stock within twenty four hours of receiving the stock from the courier.

  4. Pinpoint Advertising agrees to complete all deliveries in the designated areas by the dates specified on the order form.

  5. Delivery will not be made to any address where there is a ‘NO JUNK MAIL’ sticker displayed on the letterbox, or where there is no letterbox provided, unless prior arrangements have been made between the deliverer and the resident.

  6. The material will be placed in the letter box or paper holder provided and shall not be left unsecured or ‘stockpiled’.

  7. The Client agrees that deliverers are not obligated to deliver where there is a dog guarding the letter box.

  8. Pinpoint Advertising may request permission to extend the delivery window in the case of continuous rain between the agreed delivery dates and may do so, only after permission is granted by the Client.

  9. Pinpoint Advertising agrees to make any necessary random address checks to determine the completion of a delivery.

  10. All ‘Missed Delivery’ complaints made to your place of business within seven days following the delivery will be followed up by a random address check in the same ‘delivery map’ area to determine the reason for non delivery.

  11. Pinpoint Advertising agrees not to charge the Client for any incomplete ‘delivery map’ area where there are more than 4 ‘missed’ or ‘late’ delivery complaints from the same ‘delivery map’ within seven days.

  12. The Client agrees to provide the exact address details of the ‘missed delivery’ in order to validate the complaint.

  13. Pinpoint Advertising agrees to abide by all council laws and by-laws during the course of the delivery.

  14. The Client agrees to indemnify Pinpoint Advertising of any printing costs associated with an incomplete delivery where stock has been damaged or can not be recovered.

  15. The Client agrees that all printed information supplied by Pinpoint Advertising remains confidential and the property of Pinpoint Advertising and may only be used in order to carry out the delivery obligations under this agreement.

  16. The Client agrees to pay Pinpoint Advertising in full for each delivery before the delivery commences.

  17. This agreement relates only to the delivery/s stated on the order form.

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Delivery Terms & Conditions

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